Zhelezniak, M., Ishchenko, O., Savchenko, O., Shushkivskyi, A., Pylypchuk, R., Davydenko, O., Bereziuk, T. (2018). From the backstage work on the Encyclopedia of Ukraine. Kyiv: Institute of Encyclopaedic Research of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine. 352 p.

The scholarly edition is devoted to the representation of the experience in creation of the Encyclopedia of Ukraine as a fundamental work of encyclopedic literature and at the same time as a significant part of the national heritage of culture. This book presents archival documents that describe the functioning of editorial board of The Encyclopedia of Ukraine during 1948–1985. In addition, the Encyclopedia of Ukraine is investigated as a stage in history of the encyclopedic-and-publishing activity in Ukraine; it is characterized as an object and a source for scientific studies.