Zhelezniak, M., Ishchenko, O., Savchenko, O., Shushkivskyi, A., Pylypchuk, R., Ocheretianko, S., Davydenko, O., Bereziuk, T. (2018). Ukrainian encyclopedias: typology, style, functions. Kyiv: Institute of Encyclopaedic Research of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, 2018. 150 p.

The monograph deals with the actual issues of encyclopaedistics in Ukraine, in particular, such as the typology of encyclopedias, as well as their functional and genre-and-style features. Encyclopedias as a genre of a reference literature in the study is considered. The functions of encyclopedias are highlighted, typological features are showed, classifications of encyclopedicbooks are analyzed, the attributes of the style of encyclopedicarticles and encyclopedias are characterized.