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Ukrainian encyclopedias: typology, style, functions

The monograph deals with the actual issues of encyclopaedistics in Ukraine, in particular, such as the typology of encyclopedias, as well as their functional and genre-and-style features. Encyclopedias as a genre of a reference literature in the study is considered. The functions of encyclopedias are highlighted, typological features are showed, classifications of encyclopedicbooks are analyzed,… Read More »

Ukrainian electronic and paper encyclopedias: current achievements and future potential

The academic edition is devoted to the issues of Ukrainian encyclopaedistics. The Ukrainian encyclopedic literature are analyzed, the main achievements of encyclopaedistics of Ukraine are characterized, the modern tendencies and future potencial of the development of the field of encyclopaedistics are indicated, the main cases are highlighted (Encyclopedia of Ukraine, Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine). For… Read More »

Methodical fundamentals of the paper and electronic encyclopedia creation

The book is intended to provide methodological assistance in the practical compiling of paper and electronic encyclopedias. Various methodological aspects of encyclopedia building are covered: from the principles of glossary selecting, preparative of schemas for the article material, creating databases of texts and images to to layout and publication of the paper or electronic encyclopedias.… Read More »

The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine

The Encyclopedia Herald of Ukraine (Entsykpopedychnyi Visnyk Ukrainy | Енциклопедичний вісник України) is an open-access interdisciplinary journal for encyclopaedistics. Founded in 2009 by NASU Institute of Encyclopedic Research. Journal website